SIFamilies Announces New Partnership



October 2015

The Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families and Child Care Resource and Referral at John A Logan College are happy to announce the launching of a new partnerships between and SIMOMS. is a website and outreach initiative designed to educate and empower families with information while connecting them to important community resources and programs.

SIMOMS is a social networking group whose primary platform is Facebook.   Unlike previous generations – when moms were often isolated and alone during the first weeks and months of life with a new baby – women today with access to a computer can take advantage of limitless opportunities to connect and SIMOMs helps make that happen. Moms can make new connections and friends, share experiences, coordinate and participate in local playgroups, and get support and advice from others. The site is designed specifically for mothers. Moms also share local resource and event information.

In this new partnership will promote SIMOMS to moms throughout the region as a great place to connect, network and share information.  Events collected through SIMOMs will be shared with and placed on the events calendar. Further down the road, the Coalition and CCR&R hopes to provide some financial support for SIMOM sponsored activities.

In reverse, SIMOMs will be promoting as an important source of parent education, new information, access to resources and a comprehensive calendar of events. By working together both groups hope to strengthen one another’s efforts and help build strong families throughout southern Illinois.

For more information about or SIMOMs contact or go to


SIFamilies Announces New Partnership

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